What can you do at a storytelling performance?
  • have a great big garrulous laugh or a gaggle of giggles
  • sit back and watch your mind's eye travel to far off lands
  • learn a new language
  • learn reading acquisition skills such as phonological development
  • predict the ending
  • infer the clues
  • problem solve
  • learn school material in a new way
  • rewrite the story
  • create your own story
  • learn a new way to remember
  • learn a joke or a story to tell
  • work together as a group
  • learn new strategies to get along with your friends
  • have something to think about later and later!!

Why hire Jean Armstrong for storytelling for children or family programs?


Adaptable, experienced, fun, funny, witty, reliable and in this education business for a long time!

Jean draws upon her 20 year plus background as a Speech Language Pathologist and Storyteller to provide excellent educational storytelling residencies and shows stressing literacy, performance or coping and conflict resolution skills. She also offers workshops or coaching in voice, story, ESL and accent reduction.

Jean will help you design your own program for workshops, residencies, festivals & shows.



Some good storytelling occasions

  • workshops for writing or performance
  • school assemblies
  • parent/family night entertainment
  • celebrating books
  • Multicultural programming
  • curriculum themes
  • holiday themes
  • learning results
  • Tall tales festival
  • Interactive Performance
  • Story Theatre
  • Peace and Bullying Workshops