What others have said about Jean's storytelling:
"Tell it again!" - Kevin, age 6
"I saw the whole story in my head!", Amber age 10
" Just in Time! We're just talking about what you introduced. We'll use your exercises for writing again and again." Mrs. Brooke, Grade 2 Teacher
"Jean paints pictures with her words." Teacher, SAD 55
"Extremely well done in terms of giving information and involving the group actively." Teacher
"When are you coming back? I love your stories. I just love it when you do those voices!" Sean, age 7
"Jean has a 'Seinfeld like audience' following. She had them evry step of the way!" , Charlotte Renner, Maine Public Radio
"The opening night audience ate it up from beginning to end as Armstrong stretched a series of hopeless scenarios with a charmingly understated why-me dellivery...So, arrive early and get a seat up close for an enjoyable show well suited to the intimate space." Dwight Hobes, Pulse
" Funny as she talks about crossing the threshhold of 40....zingers!" John Habich, Star Tribune

You cut our throats with a razor and we were bleeding ice water and we didn’t even know it!..... You are
very unique, not everybody would get that complexity. It was very complex, sharp, brilliant!”

Brother Blue,(Hugh Morgan, Ph.D),Storyteller and Open Mic Host