A Sampling Of Some of My Most Requested Shows


  Multicultural World Tales! This # 1 requested show can be redone each year for an entirely new show!Tales to make you laugh, wonder and think. Get acquainted with tales from other cultures with a mix of folktales from places such as Asia, Africa, Germany, Irish, Italian, American, Latin American. Learn the beliefs of ancient African folklore, how to count in German, some Spanish language all the while laughing and using your imagination! Be sure to askfor a mix of stories of the specific cultures your school is studying. Book anytime! This show is requested all year long but especially appropriate for January and February to celebrate diversity. Great family shows and perfect for preK - adult!
  Celebrate Books! Perfect for literature weeks, reading library weeks or any reading boost
your school or library needs! Older students hear excerpts from larger works like the Cradle that Rocked
by Itself fromYounger students participate on stage and in the audience making stories new and familiar
stories come alive! Excellent for preK through grade 8.
  Stories for the Beginning Reader! Book all year long or to celebrate literacy!
This show is a workshop and show all rolled into one! The young readers will hear stories emphasizing
phonological skills such as rhyme, rthym, segmentation,along with have a chance to work on prediction,
inference and sequencing and problem solving in these audiencr interactive stories. Perfect for
preschool through grade 3.
    Heroes! can be the most ordinary characters saving themselves or others by thinking rather than
fighting. From a lively character driven Jack in the Beanstalk to an industrious mouse who saves her
family by speeaking another language this show demonstrates that we all have something to contribute
if we use our heads! Great to use in conjunction with Bullying Workshops or to create a more peaceful
classroom! Good for ages K-8.
    Fabulous Fairy Tales wil enrich any school or libraries programming! Fairy tales rarely have
fairies but are full of magic! Learn new twists on old favorites and the magic of the undiscovered!
A Sense of Maine! Stories of Maine help your students map locations and traditions! Great as an adjunct to Maine history and geography! Ayuh! Grades 3 and up. NEW SHOW!
    New England Folktales or American Folktales! We are a nation and a region rich in our own cultural heritage! Hear folktales from our own culture so that they can be passed on. Great for festivals for adults, family shows or grades K-12!

Greek Myths Alive! From the brave heroic journeys to origin myths, a performance about adventure, love, revenge, and the lessons learned from too much pride! Students really remember Greek Myths after participating in this show! This program can be adapted for residency & various grades 1-3, 3/4-6, 6-adult. NEW SHOW!

    Tall Tales! From American Folklore to the just plain ridiculous! Excellent workshop and residency program in helping students create tall tales culminating with their own tall tale festival! Or simply book the tall tales show.
    Preschool Stories! Geared for the preschool student emphasizing simple stories with lots of student participation.
    Staff Development-Storytelling in the Classroom
Recommended for preschool and elementary school teachers. Teachers get hands on practice in story development to enthuse their use of telling in the classroom. Studies show that narrative is the best teaching form to remember information. Make it a story and they will remember!

Be sure to ask how Jean can tailor make your show for your audience!